• Investment details

    With green surroundings and a prime location next to Central Station and Europacity, Gartenhaus combines connectivity and lifestyle in the centre of Berlin.

  • Facilities & features

    • 1-bedroom high-specification apartments
    • 10-minute walk to Berlin Central Station
    • 10-minute walk to Europacity development area
  • Why invest

    • People:  Berlin’s population rose by over 60,000 residents in 2016 alone and is forecast to increase by a further 7.5% between 2015 and 2020
    • Housing shortfall: There is currently a backlog of 80,000 residential units and a requirement for an additional 20,000 completions per annum, but only 15,000 were supplied in 2017
    • Uplift: Capital growth rates have averaged 10.9% per annum since 2009
    • Demand: Berlin’s rental market has an extremely low vacancy rate of just 1.2% and owner occupancy rate of 15%
    • used on creating a new centre for innovative companies and start-ups, Mediaspree is bringing attention to the area and is home to the offices of Universal Music, Coca Cola and Zalando
    • A student’s neighbourhood: The four educational institutions situated in Lichtenberg create consistent housing demand for student focused accommodation such as micro-apartments in the area

Berlin, Germany

1 bed apartments



December 2020

Rental yield

Berlin, Germany

Located within walking distance of Europacity, Gartenhaus residents will directly benefit the district’s growing number of employers, businesses and services. 

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A booming economy and continued population growth remain the primary demand drivers of the Berlin housing market. Between 2006-2016 Berlin's population grew by over 320,000 and is forecast to rise by another 200,000 by 2030.