Frequently Asked Questions

  • Aren’t you encouraging local currency flight?

    We don’t believe so. Our business model is premised upon 2 x critical factors:

      • That any property purchase will be at least 65% funded by a mortgage from a European lender, denominated in a European currency.
      • That the investment will be cash positive from day 1, thereby allowing remittances back to your home country.
  • Will I get a mortgage?

    There can be no guarantees of course, but remember you are (1) putting down a 35% deposit and (2) applying for a Buy-To-Let mortgage, where you will be able to demonstrate that your net rental income will more than cover the mortgage repayments. Both of these factors will weigh heavily in your favour. Most lenders will also ask to see proof of earnings, to be sure that the mortgage repayments can be covered in the unlikely event of a prolonged period of vacancy.

  • Isn’t it only London where the UK property market is worth investing in?

    Absolutely not. All major cities throughout the UK, as well as cities such as Berlin, have got buoyant rental markets. The UK has an acute housing shortage across the country, not just in London, and many young professionals are choosing to rent instead of buy.

  • Will I get taxed in UK?

    You will certainly have to declare your rental income to the UK tax authorities by completing an annual tax return. However, the double taxation treaties between many countries and the UK, ensure that many non-residents qualify for an annual personal allowance of £12,500 in the 2109/20 tax year. If you qualify for the allowance, only UK-based income above this amount will be taxed.

  • Surely it is just easier and simpler to invest in a UK property fund, rather than have the hassle of a direct ownership in a UK property?

    In any investment portfolio, diversification is key. We would never claim that direct property investment is the only way to invest and it will always depend on your investment strategy and personal circumstances. The big advantages of direct investment vs a property fund however, are the ability to take a mortgage and leverage your investment, and have complete control of the underlying asset.

  • What effect will Brexit have on property prices and rental yields?

    We believe that the effect of Brexit is already priced into the UK's exchange rate and property prices. And that the route that the UK finally takes (hard Brexit, no-deal, no exit at all) only influences how long it will take to recover. If you believe that the UK will eventually recover, then it takes us back to our point that – there has rarely been a better time to invest.