Support services

We encourage you to manage your own property so you can maximise the return on your investment. After all, buying a new apartment in a purpose-built block run by established property managers means that you should experience virtually no maintenance or repair issues for quite some time. However, your level of involvement is completely up to you. Whether you’re an active manager or prefer to be more hands-off, we have a suite of support services for you to choose from.

Find a tenant

Find a responsible tenant who is going to pay on time and treat your new property with respect.

Tenancy agreements

Agree and sign a tenancy agreement that is legally binding and will meet the requirements of the bank that gave you a bond on the property.

Asset protection

Conduct and document thorough check-ins and check-outs. Deal with issues reported by the tenant.

Deposit registration

UK legislation puts a cap on the maximum deposit that can be taken from a tenant, and requires the landlord to secure the deposit with an approved deposit protection agency.

Tax planning

Complete an annual tax return.


Comply with legislation relating to rented properties (fire safety, gas boilers, maximum deposits, HMO).